Sunday, July 7, 2013


I think this might be my favorite piece I've ever done. It's simple yet complicated, and was a lot of fun to work on. It might just be perfect. Maybe I should quit quilling now, really go out with a bang? Probably not. It's too much fun!

It's funny. My inspiration comes in fits and starts. I hadn't done any quilling for about a month after I finished my last commission. Then suddenly I was spending every spare moment working on this. Now that it's done, I'm the usual combination of relieved/disappointed. Relieved to finish something and have it turn out nicely, disappointed to not have something to work on.

Oh, and I don't know that I ever officially mentioned it here, but I have a shop over on Etsy where I occasionally put up a few pieces for sale. This one might find it's way over there in a week or so, if that's of interest to anyone.


  1. WOW! That's gorgeous!
    Any chance you could post a video of you making one of these?

    1. Thanks Kaitlyn! I think a video would be a great idea- I'll see what I can come up with! :)

  2. Hi Erin, how pretty! I love that you didn't outline LOVE - something a bit different. :)

  3. Hi Erin,
    I came to your blog when I was looking for inspiration on pinterest.
    I just L♥VE ur work!! They are AWESOME!!
    I have tried quilling myself but not as much as you have done . Visit my blog when time permits
    And PLEASE do post a video , it will be great for us newbies. :)
    Keep up ur gr8 work! Good Luck
    P.S. I decides I would do "Faith" like your "Imagine"