Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Five - 3/29/13

 Here's what's been on my mind this week:

1. Macarons. I can't stop making them- 4 batches this week so far, and probably another tomorrow. Luckily they freeze well, and I have friends and family who are willing to pitch in and help me out by eating their share. I've tried a few different methods, ranging from the most fussy (aging the egg whites for days, letting the piped shells dry for hours) to the most basic (as outlined here) and I've had the best luck with the simplest approach. Yay for simplicity, and for cookies, but BOO to Martha Stewart and her ganache recipe. There's no way that ganache was going to work as a filling for macarons. You owe me $8 worth of chocolate, Martha!

2. The sound of silence. I turned off the radio in my car. All week long I've been driving without music, and I'm finding that I'm much more calm. Perhaps rocking out to Scandal isn't so good for my nerves. I'm enjoying the quiet (for now).

3. Cross stitch. After my recent embroidery experiment, I think I'd like to give cross stitch a go. I saw some patterns at the art supply store, but they were all... well... kind of old fashioned, and I'm a modern kind of gal. I don't want a watering can full of flowers. The search continues.

4. Easter. Easter eggs, specifically. This post on Oh What Fun, to be exact. I would have loved eggs like that when I was a kid. Maybe the bunny will bring some this year?

5. Exercise. (What with all the cookies, it's only natural, right?) I've been doing Pilates for a few months now, and recently stepped up my routine. I feel stronger, and feeling stronger makes me feel good about myself. Even if my body isn't looking much different, I feel different, and that's what counts, right?

Oh and if you are looking for pictures of quilling, expect an update early next week on my latest!


  1. Hi Erin, just the other day I read about online cross stitch pattern generators for the first time... I bet you could design your own patterns! There are quite a few sites and I don't know which one is best, but I bet there are reviews somewhere. Your macarons look delish.

    1. Hi Ann! I've never heard of online cross stitch generators- that is genius! I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the tip!